the original saddle BAG

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Traditionally, a Saddlebag was extra storage that was strapped onto the side of a saddle, a bicycle, or a motorcycle. Small things that needed to be kept close at hand were stored inside. I've had the idea for this product for about two years now. When I first started thinking about this concept, the one thing that wasn't clear to me was what to call it. First instinct was a Toolchest Organizer. The first prototype was installed in my Dutch Tool Chest, making this name an obvious one at the start. However, I soon realized that limiting this organizer to toolchest use only would be a foolish mistake. Due to its small footprint and various pocket sizes, the organizer works well in numerous situations. It can be mounted to a wall, inside a toolchest, or even on the side of a workbench. Based on how well the organizer worked in numerous situations, I decided to focus the naming efforts around the utility and versatility of the organizer. This organizer is used to store various smaller items, kept conveniently within reach, all while being mounted to the side of something. Boom, it's a Saddle Bag.

The overall dimensions of the Saddle Bag are 18" wide by 5.5" tall. The Saddle Bag has 12 pockets in total. The rear nine pockets are all 4" deep and vary in width from 1"-3" wide. These pockets are slim and work perfectly for pens and pencils, wooden rulers, screwdrivers, wrenches, squares, scissors, etc. The three front pockets are 3" deep and 2.5" wide. They are pleated to allow for bulkier items such as small tape measures. Both outside pockets are pass through, meaning the bottom isn't sewn shut, allowing for longer items such as squares or marking gauges to fit.

The Saddle Bags are constructed of heavy duty 14.7oz waxed canvas. All seams are double stitched and each stress point is secured with a hand peened copper rivet. Each Saddle Bag mounts using four #6 Brass screws(included) that go through leather reinforced eyelets. 

Due to the small size of the Saddle Bag, embroidery is not available as an option. The Saddle Bags are available in four different colors of waxed canvas and you can choose between smooth or hammered rivets. 

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