reviews and testomonials

Disclaimer - None of these reviews were solicited, requested, suggested, or otherwise asked for. Each of the reviews were made independently by individuals who purchased my products at full price. Quite a few of these reviews were written after months and months of putting my products to use. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the durability of our products over time, feel free to read through these reviews. 

kieran binnie, over the wireless blog, classic apron review

oregon pass, classic apron review

wilbur pan, giant cypress blog, tool roll review

billy's little bench, classic apron and tool roll review

christopher schwarz, popular woodworking magazine, tool roll review - "the best tool roll yet"

highland woodworking, classic apron review

oregon pass, saw vise review

popular woodworking magazine, august 2015 issue 21, auger bit roll review

shannon rogers, RENAISSANCE woodworker - Retiring a Useful Friend for a Younger, Hotter Model