Moxon Vise Hardware Kits

We created our Moxon Vise Hardware Kit with affordability and solid performance in mind. The use of 5/8"-8 tpi Acme threaded rod helps us achieve both. The unique "wing nut" style handles provide exceptional leverage and low clearance. The threaded rods have been TIG welded to 1/8" Cold Rolled steel plate.  Holes have been punched and countersunk for use with #8x1" screws that are provided. This new means of securing the rods is what sets this vise apart from the original version. The mounting plates can bet set in a shallow mortise, giving you a clean look with exceptional strength. All metal fabrication was expertly performed at HammerFab. A piece of leather is provided that measures 18"x6" for adhering to one of the jaws, increasing grip strength. Build the vise to suit your needs. The leather included in the kit allows up to 18" between screws, ideal for drawer sides and smaller carcass work. Easy to follow instructions are included. The vises are available right now! Please contact us if you have any questions.

We have added another option to our Moxon Vise Hardware kits, the Chairmaker’s Moxon. This Moxon Vise is long and narrow, sized perfectly for clamping large seat blanks and shaping the edges. This concept came from Caleb James, who built this style of vise using our hardware. Caleb was generous enough to draw up his plans for the vise and provide them to you as a free download, the link is at the bottom of this page. The main difference between the Chairmaker’s vise and the standard size we offer is the overall length and width. The stock vise uses a piece of leather that is 18”x 6”. The Chairmaker’s Vise uses leather that is 24”x 4”. The metal hardware itself remains the same, as does the majority of the installation instructions, the only changes being the dimensions of the wood. The cost is the same for both, just select which option you want at checkout and I’ll include the appropriate leather when it ships out. There is a copy of the Chairmaker’s Moxon attached to the instruction manual that we send out with each kit.

Moxon Vise Hardware Kit
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Moxon vises built by customers

Smaller Moxon Vise built by Clark Kellogg, Furnituremaker in Houston, TX

Moxon Vise built by Todd Nebel in Pennsylvania

Bench on Bench Style Moxon Vise by 


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Caleb James Chairmaker’s Moxon Vise