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Small Batch, Hand Crafted Leather Dog Collars and leashes. we proudly use the finest materials and best construction methods available.

Our Story

Lincoln Brand was inspired by one of my closest and dearest friends, my beloved Basset Hound, Lincoln. Lincoln passed away in 2017 at the distinguished age of 11 years from an unfortunate and aggressive form of cancer. His passing was very hard on me, he was one of those "once in a lifetime" pets that connected with me on so many levels. I knew right away that I had to do something to honor his memory, but I just didn't know what it would be. A few months after he left us, our other dog, a rambunctious young collie/heeler mix named Luna, was in need of a new collar because she had outgrown her other one. Being a leatherworker by trade, I whipped up a sturdy, handstitched collar with solid brass hardware and quality leather. This collar proceeded to garner quite a bit of attention on our Social Media pages. I noticed a lot of comments regarding the lack of quality dog collars that were on the market, especially those for larger breed dogs. I knew this was a void I could fill. That's when Lincoln Brand was born. Luna was the ultimate test subject. With her limitless energy and constant running and playing on the ranch, any weakness in the design, construction, or materials would soon be apparent. After a year of solid use, the original Lincoln Brand collar prototype is still going strong and should easily last the rest of my life with proper care. 


Our Materials and Methods

Lincoln Brand collars and leashes are made in small batches, completely by hand. If you were to walk into a General Store in the 1800's looking for a well made dog collar, this is exactly what you would expect to find. There are no machines, jigs, or precut components involved. Only the finest materials are sourced and used. The leather is a 10oz. (5/32" thick) Hot Stuffed Harness Leather, originally designed for use in harnesses, reins, and other rugged outdoor items. There isn't a leather out there that is better suited for dog collars and leashes. All of our leather is sourced from US raised steers and is processed using traditional methods by a third generation family run tannery. The buckles, D-rings, and snaps that we use are all solid brass. Instead of using rivets to hold the assembly together, we opted for traditional saddle stitching using a high quality waxed and braided polyester thread that is UV resistant. Saddle Stitching is superior to machine stitching and must be performed by hand, there is no machine capable of this technique. All of these steps take longer, and as a result, the collars and leashes last longer. That is why we put in the extra effort and source the best materials. 

Like all other Texas Heritage products, our Lincoln Brand collars and leashes are guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship.

Sizing Information

Our Lincoln Brand collars currently come in four different sizes. The Small, Medium, and Large collars are made with 1" wide leather and hardware. The Small can fit neck sizes from 12"-16". The Medium fits necks measuring 15"-19". The Large will fit necks from 18"-22". For larger breeds, we also offer the Big Buddy size. The Big Buddy is made with 1.5" wide leather and hardware and will fit necks measuring 21"-26". When the time came to make a collar for larger breeds, I had to first find a large breed dog to test them on. One of my colleagues in Indiana happened to have two Great Danes, Big Buddy and Layla.  I made two collars for them to try out, they were perfect! Big Buddy recently passed away at a ripe old age, far surpassing the average life expectancy of a Great Dane. In honor of him, all of the large breed collars will be known as the Big Buddy. Layla is still a young pup and will be around for years to come, looking stylish in her Lincoln Brand collar!

To determine what size of collar your dog needs, simply measure around their neck where the collar would normally rest. You should take into account their age and potential growth when ordering a collar. For example, if they are young and have a neck that measures 16", you should opt for the Medium collar so that they have some room to grow. If you have a dog who's neck does not fit into any of the sizes we currently offer, email us at and let us know. We can make one that fits perfectly!

Our leashes are constructed using the same Hot Stuffed Harness leather, Saddle Stitching, and solid brass hardware as the collars. The leashes are 1" wide and 48" long. They feature a large loop at one end that offers a firm yet comfortable grip and a solid brass spring snap at the other end. 

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To place your order, just select your desired size on the right and click the Add to Cart button! Currently, all of our items are available in Golden Brown Harness leather, which is featured in the photos above. Based on demand and leather availability, we will be potentially adding more colors to the lineup in the future.

To honor Lincoln's memory, and to help find a cure for canine cancer, we are donating 10% of all profits from Lincoln Brand products to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Your purchase can help fund education, outreach, and research to help save the lives of the animals that enrich our lives and mean so much. You can find out more about their work and mission at 

If you have any questions regarding Lincoln Brand products, please send us an email at