leather holdfast pads

Leather Pads for Holdfasts

    These leather pads will increase the gripping power of your holdfasts while reducing the chance of damaging your wood. Cut from firm, 12oz. veg tanned leather, these pads are cut to fit Gramercy holdfasts, available from Tools For Working Wood. I have several pair of these holdfasts that I've used for years. They are well made, work exceptionally well and are affordable. We will have leather pads available for other readily available holdfasts at a later date. 

    To adhere the pads to your holdfasts, scuff the bottom of the holdfast and the smooth side of the leather pad(I feel the rough side grips the work better) with 80 grit sandpaper. Using any wood glue(I prefer hide) attach the leather pad to the bottom of the holdfast and lightly secure your holdfast to your benchtop with hand pressure. Make sure the leather pad is centered on the holdfast pad. The leather is cut slightly oversize to give you a little working room. Let the glue dry and you're all set. Through regular use the leather pad will eventually separate from the holdfast, mine typically last 18 months or so. When this happens, clean off any old glue, rescuff the surfaces, and glue it up again. 

These are sold as a pair. Each pair is $10.00, shipping included in the US. Contact me for International shipping inquiries on our Contact Us page.

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