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Spoon Carving and Green Woodworking have become increasingly popular over the last few years, thanks to the efforts of woodworkers such as Peter Follansbee, Robin Wood, Jarrod Stone Dahl, and other. One of the more appealing aspects of this style is the small number of tools needed to start, and relatively inexpensive costs up front. Spoon carving is a wonderful intro into the world of woodworking, with great lessons in tool safety, proper tool use, and reading grain direction. Plus, it creates no dust or noise and can be performed almost anywhere!

We caught the spoon carving bug right away. Soon, I had a small set of knives and accessories that I was trying to keep up with, and keep safe. With a little bit of research and prototyping, our Carving Knife Roll was born. Our Carving Knife Rolls are designed much like our other tool rolls; heavy duty waxed canvas, double stitched seams, hand peened copper rivets at each stress point. The Carving Knife Roll has six pockets, each 2 1/8" wide and 5" deep allowing you to store tools up to 10" long with ease . These slots can accommodate a wide variety of spoon carving knives from various makers. We've tested the rolls with Mora knives and with the Nic Westermann knives sold by Lie-Nielsen. Those, as well as many others will fit with no issues. If you have a question concerning the fit of your knives, please email me at before ordering. I can let you know if your knives will fit beforehand. Though this canvas is strong and offers great protection, it is not stronger than sharp steel. And sharp edges should be properly covered or protected before storing in the tool roll. Because of the size of the pockets, sharpening tools, strops, even spoons in progress can be safely transported!  

The Carving Knife Roll comes standard with three protective flaps. The flaps cover the ends of the knives, as well as the edges of the roll, keeping the knives secure at all times. All sharp edges are covered, isolated, and safe. Our canvas is impregnated with a wax compound that keeps moisture and corrosion at bay. There simply is no better material for tool rolls. The tool roll is secured with a leather strap when rolled up, less than 3.5" in diameter when fully loaded.

The copper rivets we use are available in two finishes. The first is a smooth peened rivet which is sleek, strong, and unobstrusive. For a more rustic look we also offer hand hammered rivets, each one unique in its appearance. Both are exceptionally strong and eliminate the weak points most modern rolls have. Neither rivet finish offers an advantage over the other in terms of strength and durability, both are unbelievably strong. It's strictly an aesthetic choice, one that you should have a say in.

The Carving Knife Rolls are available in four colors; Charcoal Grey, Navy Blue, Field Tan, and Olive Drab.

We offer embroidery on our Classic Aprons, Nail Aprons, and tool rolls. Adding a name, monogram, or simple text is an additional $10. Logos are an extra $25. We will contact you through email right before we start making your order to discuss your embroidery options. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have! 

Once your package ships we will send you a notification email. In stock items will still ship in 1-3 business days. Due to the small batch sizes that we are limited to and the large number of current orders, all other orders will take 10+ weeks at this time. If there are any delays, we will notify you immediately and will keep you posted on the progress. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have a question regarding the status of your order. If you are purchasing an item as a gift and need it by a certain time, please let us know. We will do our best to meet your time frame if given enough advance notice. 

Carving Knife Roll
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