Come see us at the Lie-Nielsen Tool Event in Round Rock!

I  thrilled beyond belief to announce that Texas heritage Woodworks will be a guest demonstrator at the Lie-Nielsen Tool Event in Round Rock, Texas at the TechShop studio. Find out more here. The event is Friday and Saturday, November 21-22 2014.  


We we will be there with all of our products available. Aprons, Tool Rolls, Coffee Mugs, Vise Kits, Shirts and more! We will have our Moxon Vise and Saw Vise on hand for demonstration. If things go according to plan, I hope to have a few complete Moxon Vises available for purchase, in addition to the kits. 

It'll be a good time all around! This will be our first Lie-Nielsen event as demonstrators. I can't wait! Hope to see you there! 

Come see Texas Heritage Woodworks in person at Woodworking In America 2014!!

With a little luck, some arm twisting from certain tool makers (you know who you are), and a leap of faith, Texas Heritage Woodworks will be an official vendor at Woodworking In America 2014 this September 12-14 2014 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Here is the vendor list. We will be sharing a booth with Sterling Tool Works and Walke-Moore Tools, two other creative and innovative toolmakers that I've come to know quite well these past few months. We will have a lot of our products available for purchase and for trying out. Everything from our flagship shop aprons to our tool rolls and vise hardware kits. We look forward to meeting woodworkers from all over! This is an exciting time for our startup company. Things are moving in a positive direction very quickly! It's hard to believe that less than a year ago, none of this was even a blip on our radar. So thank you to all of those who support small businesses! You help keep the American dream alive!!