Suspending orders for a bit, and big plans for the Spring


Well here we are once again. Another successful holiday season under the books and a new year under way.  

First and foremost, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the never ending support! We had our busiest holiday season yet with orders flying in from all over the world. Each year has become more and more busy, and this year is no exception. With the response we had, our backlog is approaching 8-10 weeks. Once it gets to this point, it's time to suspend orders on tool rolls and aprons for a bit until I catch up. This definitely isn't the ideal way to handle this situation, but there really isn't a better option. Until I can find steady, competent help out on the ranch, this is how we have to manage things. I can only make so much on my own. So next week, January 18th will be the last day to place an order for a tool roll or apron. All of our in stock items will still be available for purchase; Vise hardware, mugs, shirts, etc. We have a whole new batch of shirts coming in soon from our good friends Flannel & Floral in Alabama. We also just received a fresh round of vise hardware from Hammerfab. So only aprons and tool rolls will be affected. Get your orders in now, we might not open things back up until March or April. 

We have a busy busy Spring planned, which is one of the reasons why orders are being suspended. In the month of March we will be guest demonstrators at two Lie Nielsen Hand Tool Events. The first will be in Dallas at Wood World of Texas on March 3-4. This will be our third year at this event and we are excited to be back! The second event will be in Houston at Clark Kellog's studio on March 17-18. This will be my third year here as well. Clark's shop is pretty sweet, you should make an effort to come to this show if you can. I always bring inventory for these shows, usually 2-3 dozen tool rolls and various other items. I will also take orders for aprons at the show, even if not accepting them online at the time. 

Also this Spring we will be working more in our garden. If you recall, we established a 5,000sq ft organic garden last year. In our first year with a project of that magnitude, we had some ups and downs. Definitely more ups! It was a great experience all around, one that left us hungry for more. So this year, we will be expanding the size of our garden. By almost twice as much. Lofty aspirations??? You bet. Though that seems to be how we operate around here! 


In May we make the trek up north to Amana, Iowa for Handworks 2017. We will be set up in the blacksmith shop with some amazing artisans. This is the can't miss hand tool event of the year. Everybody who's anybody will be there. This year proves to be something special as we have quite a large international contingent of woodworkers attending. Should be loads of fun. We made our first trip there in 2015 and had the good fortune to see the Studley exhibit as well. That trip set the bar pretty high, but it think this show will be something special.


These woodworking events require a lot of prep work from us. Building inventory, packing up everything, making the drive cross country, it all takes a ton of effort. Three events in a short period of time takes a lot out of us. That's one of the big reasons for suspending orders this time around. If we are going to make all of these things happen, it will require a great deal of effort and a little bit of luck. Hopefully we've allowed enough time for both to happen! 

Another friendly reminder

Hey guys, just wanted to toss out a reminder that our deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery has passed! We are still getting emails from people requesting that their order be shipped in time for Christmas. Folks, any order placed at this time will not be made until February. We have received over 60 orders in the month of December alone. Because of this unprecedented outpouring of support, we have had to increase out turnaround time to 6-8 weeks. I am currently in the middle of our last batch of orders before Christmas. If your order was placed on or before the 16th of November, it'll be shipped out early next week. Once those last guaranteed Christmas orders are shipped, my wife and I are going to take a much needed week long respite from work. We only take one vacation a year, and it's coming up fast. After 51 straight weeks without a break (not even nights or weekends), I believe we are due!

So please, be mindful of our turnaround times. We don't have a large factory, full of workers churning products out. It's just me and a 400sq ft shop. These things take time, but the wait will be worth it. I promise.

Decals now available in the General Store!!

We finally got around to having some decals made. The first is a logo decal with some of the branding work by Joshua Minnich. The other is a #HandToolThursday decal featuring some custom hand lettering from Jennifer Bower.

Our decals are printed on high quality vinyl right here in the USA by Sticker Mule. Our vinyl decals feature a premium coating that protects them from exposure to wind, rain, and sunlight.

The Texas Heritage logo decal is 3" Round and the #HandToolThursday decal is 6.7"x 1.5" Each decal is $2.

I created #handtoolthursday over two years ago with the intent to foster and nurture what seemed to be a slowly dying appreciation for hand tool use. Over two years and 27,000+ posts later and it seems the interest in hand tools isn't dying at all, it's found a new life though modern technology and social media!

To celebrate #handtoolthursday and all of the wonderful knowledge that has been shared, I partnered with talented engraver and artist,Jennifer Bower. Using the script on my 19th century Stanley router plane as inspiration, she created the #handtoolthursday decal using her exceptional hand lettering skills. I think Frederick Stanley would wholeheartedly approve!

Deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery has passed!

We've been receiving a lot of emails lately, inquiring as to whether orders placed now will be delivered in time for Christmas. Just so everyone knows, our deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery passed two weeks ago. We just finished running a very successful Small Business Saturday sale, bringing in quite a few additional orders. At this time, any orders placed for tool rolls or aprons, in any style, color, or configuration won't be started until after the New Year. 

We don't operate like most businesses. We don't have employees. We don't contract out our work. We don't buy anything pre-made or pre-fabricated. All of our items are made by hand, every step of the way, by me. My lovely wife handles most of the email correspondence, the accounting, and the embroidery. Without her, our turnaround time would be double what it is. All other aspects of our business, the making, prototyping, social media-ing is performed by me. Heck, we are so picky about our work that I even make my own labels for our items, one at a time from vegetable tanned cowhide. 

We know that our turnaround times can be long, I get it. There are times we have to shut down ordering altogether just so I can catch up on orders and keep the backlog manageable. With all of that said,  I promise that the end result will be well worth the wait.

As always, thank you for the continued patience and unrivaled support. We are living the American Dream and it's all due to you.

Suspending website orders in a few days. It's time to catch up on backorders, ranch life, and family

This was a decision that didn't come lightly. We don't like to suspend web orders, but sometimes we really don't have a choice. We had reopened orders back in June and have been flooded with an overwhelming response in the last few months! With Christmas on the horizon, ranch life and homeschooling in full swing, and an ever growing list of apron and tool roll orders, we felt suspending orders at this time was the right decision. Ordering for tool rolls and aprons will remain open until Monday, September 26th at midnight. 

we have made more aprons and tool rolls in the third quarter of 2016 than ever!

The suspension of orders only applies to items we don't normally stock, aprons and tool rolls specifically. Shirts, Mutton Tallow, Vise Hardware and other in stock items can still be purchased during this time. Once we get caught up on backorders, we will reopen ordering on those items, hopefully in more than enough time to cater to Christmas orders.

Things have been busy on the ranch lately! We just got some chickens the other day. I decided that making some nesting boxes would be a perfect home school lesson for the shop! We covered proper safety gear, proper safety procedures, and how to have fun! 

they nailed the "how to have fun" part!

Nesting boxes complete! All we need to do is add some hay and get them into the chicken coop. Not a bad use of some old molasses tubs and some scrap cedar! Plus, the boys had a blast, learned a lot, and gained a little pride. 

two turkeys in the chicken nesting boxes they just built!

We've also experienced some serious drainage issues in our yard, resulting in one shop flood already and another mad scramble at 10pm to divert water and prevent a second flood. Decades of runoff and erosion have caused rainwater to be diverted straight at my shop door. We finally were able to drill a sizeable hole in a stone wall that allows for more drainage, but that's strictly a temporary solution. We need to remove stone walls and expand our yard to prevent reoccurrences. Looks like gutters are in order on all of the out buildings as well. 

as you can see, not much grass left to slow down the f!ow of rainwater through the yard

So folks, thank you for the business. We are busier than I could have ever anticipated and it's all due to the staunch, unwavering support of the woodworking community. Suspending orders is only a temporary move, Soon we will be caught back up and ready for Christmas! Again, ordering will remain open until Monday, September 26th at midnight. After that, only in stock items will be available on the website. As always, if you have any questions at all, please email me at 

We're back!!!!

Finally!!! We are finishing up the very last of our backorders, the garden is growing happily and vigorously, and the Jaguar XK120 restoration is progressing along nicely. It's time to reopen the website for orders! I've been doing some changes over the last month or so to the website. Hopefully it flows a bit better and is easier to navigate. I'm pretty happy with the current setup, makes me feel legit! To celebrate, we are offering $10 off any order of $25 or more for one week! Just enter the coupon code TXHeritage at checkout. Thanks so much for all of your support!

With the updated website comes updated product offerings! We have fully embraced our love of all things leather with these new additions. First off, our the Campaign Stool Leather packages that we have been promising for a while now are available for order. These utilize 10oz English Bridle leather and are priced at $175. We are in the middle of a short run in three different colors, Black, Medium Brown, and Burgundy. These should be wrapped up in a few weeks and ready to mail out in early July. See more pics and read more about them here.

Also added to the website are our Leather Drawknife Sheaths. These are available in five sizes ranging from 8" to 12" and are constructed from durable 10oz. English Bridle leather. The leather has been wet formed and hand stitched for the ultimate in protection. Secured with a solid brass snap, these are available in a Standard and Wingtip versions, starting at $65. Read more about them here.

Our next new offering was born from a mild weather incident. A few weeks ago we experienced serious rainfall, flooding my shop for the first time in its almost 70 year existence. I had been cutting leather on the floor the previous night, intending to continue in the morning. I left all of my leather and cutting tools on the floor. Those were under 3" of water the next morning......muddy, hard water. The leather was ruined, stained from exposure to hard water and mud. Once it dried, I knew I had to find a way to use the hide. Being wasteful just rubs me the wrong way. Enter the holdfast pad. I've been using leather pads on my Gramercy holdfasts for years now. They greatly improve the holding power of the holdfast while reducing the chance of damaging your wood. I took the sections of that hide that were salvageable and started cutting. The Leather Holdfast Pads are now available here and are priced at $10/pair, shipping included in the US. International shipping is available, please email me to inquire on shipping rates.

In other news, my lovely wife and I will be in attendance at the Lie Nielsen Open House in a few short weeks. Come see us in beautiful Warren, Maine for some great tools, weather, and lobster! We will have a large assortment of items for sale, as well as friendly conversation for anyone interested!

Website orders temporarily suspended starting April 13th.

Folks, this next six weeks is our busiest time of year outside of the Holidays. We have two Lie Neilsen events in the month of April, a large backlog of orders, and all of the compounding responsibilities that our  life on the ranch includes. And those responsibilities just increased with the addition of our 5,000sq ft organic garden. 


In order to make all of these things work together, we have decided to temporarily suspend website ordering. This will help us catch up on orders and keep life on the ranch running as smoothly as possible. I suspect we will resume website orders near the beginning of June.

All of our in stock items will remain available(shirts, tallow, patches, etc), just the aprons, tool rolls and such will be shut down.

We will officially suspend ordering at midnight, April 12th. If you were planning on ordering something soon, try to do it in the next two days! 

As always, thanks so much for the business and the patience. We wouldn't be able to do what we do if it weren't for you!



Get your last minute Christmas gifts!! Limited number of tool rolls in stock!

We have a few 18-slot Tool Rolls and a few Auger Bit Rolls left over from our Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event recently. They don't satisfy any pending orders so we are offering them up on the website! Some are in Field Tan and the others are in Sage, a new color we are trying out. We only have a few of each, once they are gone, they are gone. They will ship next business day, so you can still get them in time for Christmas! To speed things up even more, add them to your shopping cart below! This has been a crazy holiday season, busier than I could have ever anticipated. Thanks so much for all of the support!!

New shirts available!!!

We have all new shirts available in our General Store! These feature our same logo on the back, with our circular logo centered on the chest. This round of shirts is 100% American made. The shirts were sourced from American Apparel and were screen printed by our good friends Flannel and Floral in Alabama. These are available in three colors, Navy Blue, Burgundy, and Lieutenant. You can get them in Medium, Large, XL, and now XXL by popular request! Visit our General Store or add one to your cart below!

from 25.00
Add To Cart

Time to get your Christmas orders in!

As you've probably all seen and heard, Christmas is coming. It's still a ways off, but due to the handmade aspect of our items a little heads up is needed. In order to guarantee delivery by Christmas, orders must be placed by the end of the day on Monday, November 30th*. I'll try my hardest to get as many orders placed after that date sent in time, but I just can't promise anything. I'll be adding a few new items and updating others over the next day or two, keep your eyes on this blog for any announcements concerning those. 


*for those wanting to order Roorkee Chair Leather packages or Campaign Stool Leather packages, Those orders need to be placed as soon as possible. It takes a few weeks to complete a package once I have the leather. It can take several weeks sometimes for the leather to be delivered, tanneries don't always have what I need on hand. 

We are now taking apron and tool roll orders online once again!

After an extremely busy summer, we are excited to announce that we are all moved into our new shop and we are all caught up on backorders! That means it is time to reopen web ordering. All aprons and tool rolls are now available online, with some new options to boot!

Embroidery is now available as an option for your tool rolls and aprons. Names and simple text are $10 extra, logos are $25. All embroidery is performed by us, in house. Once you place an order with embroidery as an option, we will contact you for more info/details.

Custom embroidery on a 12-slot tool roll

Custom embroidery on a 12-slot tool roll

Due to popular request, Hemp straps are a new option for our waxed and non waxed aprons. Hemp is an all natural material that is extremely strong and resistant to UV light. It also looks great on an apron! The Hemp option is $5 additional. If you want to remove leather completely from your apron, let me know in the comments section when you place an order. We can embroider our logo on in lieu of the leather label at no additional cost.

Hemp straps on waxed Olive Drab

Hemp straps on waxed Olive Drab

Our aprons are now available in two sizes, Regular and Extra Large. We did away with the small option, we only sold a handful of those in the last two years. The Regular size fits about 85% of the people out there. If you are over 6'4", an Extra Large may be for you. Email us if you have any questions regarding size.

We have also changed up the price structure a bit on our aprons, making all standard pocket options the same price. We did have to slightly increase the cost of our aprons overall due to rising hardware costs, but we only raised the price enough to cover the additional hardware costs.

Our next two weeks are going to be extremely busy as we prepare for Woodworking In America. As soon as we return from that show, we will focus on fulfilling new web orders.

As always, our aprons and tool rolls are made to order. We generally don't carry those items in stock. As such, our turnaround time is usually in the 4-6 week time frame. If you have questions at any time on the status of your order, please send me an email and ask! 


Saw Vise Kits now available for preorder!

Saw Vise Hardware Kits are now available for preorder! Our Saw Sharpening vise turns heads wherever it goes. It's adjustable hinge assembly is unique and allows the vise to perform at it's best at all times. With the ability to sharpen the daintiest of dovetail saws all the way up to the baddest two man crosscut saws, you won't find a more versatile vise on the market. And because this comes in kit form, it allows you to tailor the vise to fit your needs. You can determine how tall the vise needs to be, making sharpening more comfortable. You can set the width and shape of the jaws to fit the saws you have in your shop. 

Each Saw Vise kit includes the Acme threaded screw and wingnut assembly, both expertly fabricated by Hammerfab. Mounting screws for the threaded post are included. Brass threaded inserts and screws for the adjustable hinge assembly, plus all of the leather needed is included as well.

All of this results in a rock solid addition to your shop that will get you started on your way to sharper saws. And sharper saws result in better woodworking. At an introductory price of $55, you really can't go wrong. We are putting the final touches on the assembly instructions right now. We anticipate shipping kits out at the end of the month. Visit our General Store for more info and to place your order today!

Moxon Vise Hardware Kits are now available for preordering!

Our Moxon Vise Hardware kits are now available for preorder, go to our General Store to reserve yours today! At $90, we believe it to be an extraordinary value. We are finishing the last few details and will be ready to ship the first run of kits by the end of August. Saw Vise Kit preorder is just around the corner, stay tuned for more info regarding those....

We created our Moxon Vise Hardware Kit with affordability and solid performance in mind. The use of 5/8"-8 tpi Acme threaded rod helps us achieve both.

The unique "wing nut" style handles provide exceptional leverage and low clearance. The threaded rods have been TIG welded to 1/8" Cold Rolled steel plate.  Holes have been punched and countersunk for use with #8x1" screws that are provided. This new means of securing the rods is what sets this vise apart from the original version. The mounting plates can bet set in a shallow mortise, giving you a clean look with exceptional strength. All metal fabrication was expertly performed by Levi, owner of HammerFab. As a fellow graduate of Wyoming Technical Institute, I knew he had the skill sets needed to produce work of the highest quality. He exceeded all expectations! 

A piece of leather is provided that measures 18"x6" for adhering to one of the jaws, increasing grip strength. Build the vise to suit your needs. As pictured, it has 13" between screws, ideal for drawer sides and smaller carcass work. If using 1.5" thick material for the jaws, you can easily build your vise with 24"+ between the screws. Easy to follow instructions are included.

Online ordering open until July 19th

If you've kept up with our Instagram and Facebook postings, you know that the last two months have been unbelievably busy here at Texas Heritage. My business and family have been in the process of completely relocating to a new location that is two hours away. This new location is an upgrade for us in every way, we are really excited about the potential it brings! However, with a complete shop and family transfer, there will be a bit of downtime as we get settled and organized. At this time, we do have a bit of a backlog of orders, so to keep our turnaround times at a reasonable level we have decided to suspend web ordering for a short period as we catch up. Our online store will be open for ordering through Sunday, July 19th. So if you have been thinking about placing an order with us, please try to do so within the next two weeks! We don't have an exact date for when the web store will reopen, we will have to play that by ear.  Thanks so much for your support and understanding! And as always, if anyone has any questions whatsoever, please send me an email at Thanks!!

International Shipping now available when ordering from our General Store!

We've finally worked out the few remaining kinks in our shipping options. You can now have our items shipped internationally through our website, as opposed to getting a separate invoice from me. Hopefully this helps simplify the process a bit. In order to keep international shipping costs at a reasonable rate, we will be shipping First Class. If you need to receive your order quickly, send me an email at before placing your order to inquire about Priority shipping or Express shipping. And as always, thanks for your support!