New pricing structure for our Classic Aprons

It's been almost a year since Texas Heritage Woodworks crafted our first apron. A lot of things have changed in this time! Minor tweaks to the apron dimensions, new options added, different colors and better materials used, major investments in tools and equipment, and a website! Not to mention meeting so many great people while becoming a part of such a supportive and creative community! All of these changes have led to better products and reduced waiting time. The one thing that has remained constant through all of this is the cost of our aprons. Unfortunately, due to the significant investments in equipment, materials, and technology, we can no longer stay at the same price point. On October 1st, the price of our Classic apron will start at $150. The price of a Waxed Classic apron will start at $160. Other options, such as flaps over pockets and embroidery will still cost the same. This price increase is necessary in order for us to maintain the high standards that we set for our work, while still maintaining an acceptable turnaround time. We understand that this places our aprons near the top of the price scale, but we firmly believe that they are the best aprons for woodworkers, hands down.

Since this is still a part-time venture for us, efficiency is key. Making aprons in batches of a dozen or more really helps speed up the process while keeping quality control at a high level. To make these numbers possible, we will be implementing a pre-order list for our waxed and non-waxed classic aprons, similar to our list for the Moxon kits and Nail Aprons. Once 12-15 people have signed up on the list, we will send out emails confirming the order, followed by invoices. Making the aprons in small batches like this will help us maintain a respectable turnaround time. Until we can take this business full-time, this is the best way to maximize shop time and maintain the level of quality that Texas Heritage Woodworks has become known for.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

New and Improved Nail Aprons!

After a little wearing around the shop, I decided to make a slight change to the Nail Apron. The hammer loop just wasn't as versatile as it could be. I knew I could make it better, so I set out and did just that. The hammer loop has been relocated and redesigned.

Made to accommodate larger hammers, it expands the versatility of these aprons. Now they can be equally appreciated by cabinetmakers, upholsterers, weekend handymen, or gardener. Moving the hammer loop to the side also opens up another pocket on the right, perfect for a utility knife or folding wooden rule. 

The Nail Apron is now better than ever, and still at the same price of $85. As soon as we get back from WIA, we will start making the next batch of Nail Aprons in Olive Drab, Field Tan, and Charcoal Grey. Sign up below to get on the preorder list. A sign up form will also be available on our home page. Those on the list will get first crack at the Nail Aprons. Once we are ready to start production, invoices will be emailed to those on the list. Come get one at Woodworking In America or sign up to reserve yours now!

All photographs by Todd Nebel

Half Aprons/Nail Aprons ready for WIA!

Texas Heritage Woodworks is excited to announce our latest addition to our apron lineup, the Half/Nail Apron. Designed with the Joiner and Cabinetmaker in mind, this versatile apron can be used in countless applications. Construction of durable 14.7oz waxed canvas and leather, all components are held together securely with copper rivets and double stitched seams. Originally intended as a companion with the use of cut nails, I've quickly discovered just how well this apron crosses over to other disciplines. The waxed canvas construction is ideal for outdoor use. The two main pockets are deep and roomy, while the loop on the right provides a convenient location for a hammer. 


The real versatility of this apron is found in its left pocket. There is plenty of room for a notepad, steel rule, pencil, and a nail set. Or, fill those slots with your upholstery tools, layout tools, or whatever else you need at the ready. 


There will be around a half dozen of these  aprons available at Woodworking in America in this beautiful Olive Drab canvas with brass hardware. The price is $85. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates and pricing info. As products and pricing are finalized, they will be posted here. 

Laying out pocket divisions with dividers. 

Laying out pocket divisions with dividers. 

Shop Apron review by The Renaissance Woodworker

"I couldn’t be happier with my new apron and want to say thank you to Jason and Texas Heritage Woodworks for their great work."

-Shannon Rogers, the Renaissance Woodworker and Hand Tool School founder



Recently I was approached by The Renaissance Woodworker, Shannon Rogers to build a custom shop apron for him. I've followed Shannon's blog for a few years now, I know what he expects in terms of fit and finish. The man has high standards. Those standards are reflected in the quality of his work. I was thrilled to work with him to design an apron that fit his specific needs. He's had the apron for a while now and recently posted a thorough  review on his blog. You can check it out here:

It's one thing to look at pictures of my aprons. While you can see the attention to detail and the overall potential of the shop apron in a photo, it's quite another to see it in use. Follow Shannon's blog, he regularly posts wonderful videos on a wide variety of handtool subjects. See the shop apron as it's used by an experienced woodworker. You'll be exposed to a wealth of traditional woodworking knowledge in the process. And that's a good thing!


For the Dads who like to get their hands dirty in the shop.

We are proud to announce that our shop aprons made the "Who's your Daddy" Father's Day gift guide over at Birch Barn Designs. Check out the blog post here.

We feel honored to be in the company of custom six pack holders, mail order grass fed beef, and custom scotch drinking glasses! Lots of great gift ideas on this list. Go check it out and get something nice for your Pop. He deserves it. 



Shop Aprons and the joy of customization

I love doing custom work. While there is satisfaction in completing large orders of aprons, tool rolls, and coffee mugs, it pales in comparison to the feeling of creating a custom piece. Handcrafting something to fit the exact needs of the person who will be using it is a concept we built our business on. While it's not ideal in terms of efficiency and production, it more than makes up for it with every satisfied customer. I've made a lot of custom aprons these last few months. It's a lot of fun to hash out the details with the customer before construction begins. It's challenging trying to implement ideas the customer comes up with. Some end up as a one-off build, not really practical enough to offer as a permanent option. Others are so ingenious and useful, they've made their way into the rotation for good. Here are a few examples of custom work for you to peruse. 

This apron was my first, but hopefully not last, two tone apron. It was also the first double graduated chest pocket. I think it was a wonderful concept that the customer came up with. I liked it so much, I made a pattern of the pocket in anticipation of making more in the future.  

Two tone custom shop apron with double graduated chest pocket :: Texas Heritage Woodworks

Contrasting stitch color can be intimidating. Any misstep or poor stitches will be obvious. But when executed correctly, wow! The custom embroidery should tell you all you need to know!

Trouble Maker custom apron with contrasting thread :: Texas Heritage Woodworks

One of the best choices for customization is embroidery. In the eyes of the customer, it adds an immediate perception of professionalism and pride in your work. For the craftsman, well, it just looks awesome!

Custom Embroidery on shop apron :: Texas Heritage Woodworks

Another example of custom embroidery. We can stitch almost anything. Contact us for more info on personalization. 

Custom embroidery on a shop apron :: Texas Heritage Woodworks

Sometimes two lower pockets just aren't enough!

Custom apron with three lower pockets with flaps :: Texas Heritage Woodworks

This simple utility ring has countless uses. Whether it's used as simple storage for a marking gauge or a place to clip your dust collector remote, you will find it is a valuable addition. 

Utility ring on a custom shop apron :: Texas Heritage Woodworks

For all of the Southpaws out there, left handed versions are available!!! The chest pocket and waist strap have been flipped, allowing for greater ease of use for the lefties! 

Custom left handed apron by Texas Heritage Woodworks

This magnetic patch is a recent addition that was conceived by a talented instrument maker. He needed a convenient place to stick small screws and hardware during restorations and builds. There is a small pocket on the back side of the apron that houses a rare earth magnet. The pocket allows for easy removal if necessary. 

Hidden magnet pocket provides a great place to keep up with small screws and other things that would be lost. :: Texas Heritage Woodworks

And these rare earth magnets are strong!!!! While it may not be practical to carry around a hammer in this fashion, the coolness factor cannot be denied!

Rare earth magnets are very strong! :: Texas Heritage Woodworks

This is a custom tape measure holder that was added to my first ever apron order. The leather and rivet construction produce a slim, convenient means for storing a tape measure or pocket square. 

Custom tape measure holder on a shop apron made by Texas Heritage Woodworks.

Once any apron order is complete, I personally wear it around the shop for a half hour or so. Once I'm satisfied that the fit, finish, and overall construction are worthy, I'll add one of our labels and send it out the door to its new owner. 

Custom shop aprons by Texas Heritage Woodworks

We greatly encourage custom orders. If you have an idea or suggestion, let us know! We will work pesky with you to see the concept through to fruition. The shop apron is one of the few tools that gets used every single day. You might as well have one that works the way you want it to! If it's not working for you, it may very well be working against you. 

Texas Heritage Woodworks featured in Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine!

I am both honored and humbled to have our shop aprons featured in the May 2014 issue of Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine, a UK woodworking publication. 

Derek Jones, editor of Furniture & Cabinetmaking found my work through Instagram. He has been a huge supporter of our work and I can't express my gratitude enough for his help! 





I stopped into the local Woodcraft store this past week to purchase every issue they had available. It was a CRAZY experience! People were shaking my hand, patting me on the back, congratulating me over and over. I felt like a mini celebrity! They even took my photo and emailed it out to their entire email list!



Things are really looking up here at Texas Heritage Woodworks. Exciting times, that's for sure!! And it's all due to the fierce and loyal support of the International woodworking community. What a wonderful world we live in!

Come see Texas Heritage Woodworks in person at Woodworking In America 2014!!

With a little luck, some arm twisting from certain tool makers (you know who you are), and a leap of faith, Texas Heritage Woodworks will be an official vendor at Woodworking In America 2014 this September 12-14 2014 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Here is the vendor list. We will be sharing a booth with Sterling Tool Works and Walke-Moore Tools, two other creative and innovative toolmakers that I've come to know quite well these past few months. We will have a lot of our products available for purchase and for trying out. Everything from our flagship shop aprons to our tool rolls and vise hardware kits. We look forward to meeting woodworkers from all over! This is an exciting time for our startup company. Things are moving in a positive direction very quickly! It's hard to believe that less than a year ago, none of this was even a blip on our radar. So thank you to all of those who support small businesses! You help keep the American dream alive!!