Huge Announcement, our GoFundMe Campaign is live!

Hey everyone!! As most of you know, we have been working our tails off over the last year or so on the restoration of the historic Benchoff Building in Menard, Texas. Folks, we have made some amazing progress in the building. Phase one is almost complete and we will soon be ready for the restoration phase to begin! We are attempting to raise the funds for the roof restoration through GoFundMe. We were given a quote of a little over $51,000 to fix the roof, and anyone who’s done a renovation of any sort knows that there are always surprises. We have set our fundraising goal at $60,000 to cover the repairs to the roof, plus any other unexpected repairs that pop up. If any additional funds are raised, 100% of it will go towards further repairs and work on the building. We’ve had so many people contact us, wanting to help out and see this building restored. The best way to help out at this point is to assist with getting those roof repairs complete! Donating to our campaign is the fastest way to accomplish this. You can visit our campaign here, Please share this link as well with your friends and family! Every single donation makes a huge difference for our family business, for this beautiful building, and for the community of Menard, Texas. If you’d like to learn a little more about our building and its history in this small, West Texas town, you can read more here,

We would like to thank Andy Rawls and West Vita for putting together this video for us. They did an exceptional job!

We can’t begin to thank y’all enough for all of the well wishes, prayers, sweat equity, and positive vibes sent our way since this journey began. One thing any small business needs to succeed is support. And we’ve most definitely got that!!