New items available!!! SaddleBags back in stock!!!

We have been working tirelessly to bring new items to our lineup! I'm very excited about these items, and you should be too! 

First off, our Youth Apron.


Our Youth Apron was designed using the same successful blueprint as our Nail Aprons, but scaled down slightly to accommodate our eager shop companions. The apron is constructed of 14.7oz waxed canvas with a 1" wide hemp belt that is secured with two solid brass D-rings. The belt can fit waist sizes from 20" up to around 32". The double D-ring setup provides almost infinite adjustability, allowing the apron to grow with your child. The hammer loop is designed to hold most common hammer sizes and is constructed using thick, durable leather. The large pocket measures 7" wide and 5" deep. The smaller pocket is 4.5" wide and 5" deep. There are three slim pockets in front of the smaller pocket designed to hold most pencils, rulers, markers, screwdrivers, etc. These pockets are made from leather and measure a little over 1" wide and 3" deep. These youth aprons are made to order and are not carried in stock at all times. Embroidery options are available.


We are also introducing a Plough Plane Iron Tool Roll. 

Our Plough Plane Iron Roll was specifically designed to hold the eight irons for a traditional wooden plough plane. Each of the eight pockets measures 1.5" wide and 5" deep. The roll can accommodate irons up to 9.5" in total length. Flaps on the end and on top keep each iron securely in place at all times. Each tool roll is made of 14.7oz waxed canvas and is held together with durable double stitched seams and copper rivets at each stress point. A leather strap keeps the roll closed when not in use. These rolls are made to order and are not always in stock. Embroidery is available as an option.

Last, but certainly not least, our Large Block Plane Holster.

Our large leather block plane holster was made to fit most commonly available large block planes, both new and antiques. It has overall dimensions of 8.5" tall, 3.25" wide, and 1.5" deep, allowing it to fit just about anywhere. Designed to be mounted on a vertical surface such as a shop wall, inside a tool chest, or on the side of a workbench, it has three holes for secure mounting with brass screws (included). The holster is made of 10oz. English Bridle leather that has been wet moulded for an exceptional fit. This holster was designed around the popular Stanley 65 and 60-1/2 block planes, but will fit most planes that are of similar dimensions, generally 2" wide or less. Note, It will NOT fit rabbeting block planes! The bottom of the plane holster is left open to allow for wood shavings, dust, and debris to pass through. That kind of detritus can absorb ambient moisture, increasing the chances of corrosion and rust if allowed to contact your block plane. By allowing that to pass through, the chance of corrosion and rust drops significantly. The hole in the bottom also makes maintenance much easier. You can pass an oil soaked rag right through the holster, applying oil to all contact areas with ease. Oiled leather is better at repelling ambient moisture. Less moisture equals less corrosion! We recommend lightly oiling the leather once every few months, more in extreme conditions. Standard leather oils such as Neatsfoot Oil work just fine. It is not efficient to make these one at a time, instead they are made in small batches. As each batch is completed, we will update the inventory on the website. These holsters are available in several different colors. These won't be available for preorder, but we will announce any inventory updates on our blog. We are currently working on a smaller block plane holster for apron planes and the ever popular Stanley 102. Hopefully those will be available in the next few months.


And did we mention Saddle Bags are back in stock?? We've got a limited number in our inventory right now, with more in progress and on the way! Thanks so much for making these one of our most popular products of the last year!