Moxon Vise and Saw Vise Hardware kits are officially sold out!

Folks, we are sold out of both our Moxon and Saw Vise hardware kits. Don't worry, we will be making more!


We will be partnering once again with HammerFab for the fabrication of the hardware kits. Levi has turned out some exceptional work for us in the past and will continue to do so on the next round of kits. This next round will feature some improvements in the manufacturing process. Previously, all of our components were cut manually, one at a time. While this worked out initially, it was labor intensive and there were the smallest variations from piece to piece. Nothing that affected the function or aesthetics of the hardware, but small variations nonetheless. We will now be utilizing laser cutting technology on some of our hardware components. This will be more efficient in terms of production, while providing pieces that are the exact same, time after time. That type of consistency and repeatability will be great. 

We are just getting the ball rolling on this next batch of kits, so it will still be a while before these will be available. Once we have a more accurate time frame for their release, I'll be sure to post about it.