Well that escalated quickly

Yesterday was a big day for us. We opened up orders again for the first time in almost three months. After slogging our way through a healthy list of backorders these last few months, we were excited to see some new orders come through. So excited that we offered Free shipping on orders over $50. Apparently we weren't the only ones excited about taking orders again. After the dust had settled, we ended up with almost 100 orders placed yesterday. I thought I was being pretty optimistic in my estimates prior to opening orders. I was hoping to get 20-30 orders that first day. Enough to keep me good and busy but not enough to swamp us. Well, we are swamped. I'm still going to attack these orders with a full head of steam, working my way through the list as fast as possible. The only events we have planned for the next several months are Handworks in May and the "One Old Sorehead and One Nice Guy" sale at Dowd's Tools in Dallas in June. I should be able to spend quite a bit of time in the shop and less time on the road. Our garden has had most of the major work done to it as well, basically all that's left is to watch the fruits of our labor grow. I'll be able to focus most of my efforts in the shop, sewing away. 

So, this brings us to turnaround times. I had mentioned in a blog post a few days back that our turnaround will be more fluid from now on. Surges in orders can and will affect the turnaround. Well, yesterday definitely classifies as a surge. Biggest surge yet, in fact. I'll be making all of the necessary changes on the website regarding turnaround times today. Any orders placed from this point on will have a ballpark turnaround of 8 weeks. Could be a little more, could be less. But two months is our new number. We will be sitting down over the next day or two to determine our production schedule based on the new orders from yesterday. Some of the orders that came in at the end of the day will have their turnaround times stretched to 8 weeks instead of the 4-6 weeks that was stated on their invoice. If your turnaround time will be different, we will send you an email letting you know. We appreciate everyone's support and understanding in this. We don't like having to extend turnaround times like this, but we also want to be up front and honest with our customers. 

Alright, enough typing. It's time to start cutting fabric.....