Suspending orders for a bit, and big plans for the Spring


Well here we are once again. Another successful holiday season under the books and a new year under way.  

First and foremost, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the never ending support! We had our busiest holiday season yet with orders flying in from all over the world. Each year has become more and more busy, and this year is no exception. With the response we had, our backlog is approaching 8-10 weeks. Once it gets to this point, it's time to suspend orders on tool rolls and aprons for a bit until I catch up. This definitely isn't the ideal way to handle this situation, but there really isn't a better option. Until I can find steady, competent help out on the ranch, this is how we have to manage things. I can only make so much on my own. So next week, January 18th will be the last day to place an order for a tool roll or apron. All of our in stock items will still be available for purchase; Vise hardware, mugs, shirts, etc. We have a whole new batch of shirts coming in soon from our good friends Flannel & Floral in Alabama. We also just received a fresh round of vise hardware from Hammerfab. So only aprons and tool rolls will be affected. Get your orders in now, we might not open things back up until March or April. 

We have a busy busy Spring planned, which is one of the reasons why orders are being suspended. In the month of March we will be guest demonstrators at two Lie Nielsen Hand Tool Events. The first will be in Dallas at Wood World of Texas on March 3-4. This will be our third year at this event and we are excited to be back! The second event will be in Houston at Clark Kellog's studio on March 17-18. This will be my third year here as well. Clark's shop is pretty sweet, you should make an effort to come to this show if you can. I always bring inventory for these shows, usually 2-3 dozen tool rolls and various other items. I will also take orders for aprons at the show, even if not accepting them online at the time. 

Also this Spring we will be working more in our garden. If you recall, we established a 5,000sq ft organic garden last year. In our first year with a project of that magnitude, we had some ups and downs. Definitely more ups! It was a great experience all around, one that left us hungry for more. So this year, we will be expanding the size of our garden. By almost twice as much. Lofty aspirations??? You bet. Though that seems to be how we operate around here! 


In May we make the trek up north to Amana, Iowa for Handworks 2017. We will be set up in the blacksmith shop with some amazing artisans. This is the can't miss hand tool event of the year. Everybody who's anybody will be there. This year proves to be something special as we have quite a large international contingent of woodworkers attending. Should be loads of fun. We made our first trip there in 2015 and had the good fortune to see the Studley exhibit as well. That trip set the bar pretty high, but it think this show will be something special.


These woodworking events require a lot of prep work from us. Building inventory, packing up everything, making the drive cross country, it all takes a ton of effort. Three events in a short period of time takes a lot out of us. That's one of the big reasons for suspending orders this time around. If we are going to make all of these things happen, it will require a great deal of effort and a little bit of luck. Hopefully we've allowed enough time for both to happen!