Suspending website orders in a few days. It's time to catch up on backorders, ranch life, and family

This was a decision that didn't come lightly. We don't like to suspend web orders, but sometimes we really don't have a choice. We had reopened orders back in June and have been flooded with an overwhelming response in the last few months! With Christmas on the horizon, ranch life and homeschooling in full swing, and an ever growing list of apron and tool roll orders, we felt suspending orders at this time was the right decision. Ordering for tool rolls and aprons will remain open until Monday, September 26th at midnight. 

we have made more aprons and tool rolls in the third quarter of 2016 than ever!

The suspension of orders only applies to items we don't normally stock, aprons and tool rolls specifically. Shirts, Mutton Tallow, Vise Hardware and other in stock items can still be purchased during this time. Once we get caught up on backorders, we will reopen ordering on those items, hopefully in more than enough time to cater to Christmas orders.

Things have been busy on the ranch lately! We just got some chickens the other day. I decided that making some nesting boxes would be a perfect home school lesson for the shop! We covered proper safety gear, proper safety procedures, and how to have fun! 

they nailed the "how to have fun" part!

Nesting boxes complete! All we need to do is add some hay and get them into the chicken coop. Not a bad use of some old molasses tubs and some scrap cedar! Plus, the boys had a blast, learned a lot, and gained a little pride. 

two turkeys in the chicken nesting boxes they just built!

We've also experienced some serious drainage issues in our yard, resulting in one shop flood already and another mad scramble at 10pm to divert water and prevent a second flood. Decades of runoff and erosion have caused rainwater to be diverted straight at my shop door. We finally were able to drill a sizeable hole in a stone wall that allows for more drainage, but that's strictly a temporary solution. We need to remove stone walls and expand our yard to prevent reoccurrences. Looks like gutters are in order on all of the out buildings as well. 

as you can see, not much grass left to slow down the f!ow of rainwater through the yard

So folks, thank you for the business. We are busier than I could have ever anticipated and it's all due to the staunch, unwavering support of the woodworking community. Suspending orders is only a temporary move, Soon we will be caught back up and ready for Christmas! Again, ordering will remain open until Monday, September 26th at midnight. After that, only in stock items will be available on the website. As always, if you have any questions at all, please email me at