Another friendly reminder

Hey guys, just wanted to toss out a reminder that our deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery has passed! We are still getting emails from people requesting that their order be shipped in time for Christmas. Folks, any order placed at this time will not be made until February. We have received over 60 orders in the month of December alone. Because of this unprecedented outpouring of support, we have had to increase out turnaround time to 6-8 weeks. I am currently in the middle of our last batch of orders before Christmas. If your order was placed on or before the 16th of November, it'll be shipped out early next week. Once those last guaranteed Christmas orders are shipped, my wife and I are going to take a much needed week long respite from work. We only take one vacation a year, and it's coming up fast. After 51 straight weeks without a break (not even nights or weekends), I believe we are due!

So please, be mindful of our turnaround times. We don't have a large factory, full of workers churning products out. It's just me and a 400sq ft shop. These things take time, but the wait will be worth it. I promise.