Deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery has passed!

We've been receiving a lot of emails lately, inquiring as to whether orders placed now will be delivered in time for Christmas. Just so everyone knows, our deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery passed two weeks ago. We just finished running a very successful Small Business Saturday sale, bringing in quite a few additional orders. At this time, any orders placed for tool rolls or aprons, in any style, color, or configuration won't be started until after the New Year. 

We don't operate like most businesses. We don't have employees. We don't contract out our work. We don't buy anything pre-made or pre-fabricated. All of our items are made by hand, every step of the way, by me. My lovely wife handles most of the email correspondence, the accounting, and the embroidery. Without her, our turnaround time would be double what it is. All other aspects of our business, the making, prototyping, social media-ing is performed by me. Heck, we are so picky about our work that I even make my own labels for our items, one at a time from vegetable tanned cowhide. 

We know that our turnaround times can be long, I get it. There are times we have to shut down ordering altogether just so I can catch up on orders and keep the backlog manageable. With all of that said,  I promise that the end result will be well worth the wait.

As always, thank you for the continued patience and unrivaled support. We are living the American Dream and it's all due to you.