Saw Vise Kits now available for preorder!

Saw Vise Hardware Kits are now available for preorder! Our Saw Sharpening vise turns heads wherever it goes. It's adjustable hinge assembly is unique and allows the vise to perform at it's best at all times. With the ability to sharpen the daintiest of dovetail saws all the way up to the baddest two man crosscut saws, you won't find a more versatile vise on the market. And because this comes in kit form, it allows you to tailor the vise to fit your needs. You can determine how tall the vise needs to be, making sharpening more comfortable. You can set the width and shape of the jaws to fit the saws you have in your shop. 

Each Saw Vise kit includes the Acme threaded screw and wingnut assembly, both expertly fabricated by Hammerfab. Mounting screws for the threaded post are included. Brass threaded inserts and screws for the adjustable hinge assembly, plus all of the leather needed is included as well.

All of this results in a rock solid addition to your shop that will get you started on your way to sharper saws. And sharper saws result in better woodworking. At an introductory price of $55, you really can't go wrong. We are putting the final touches on the assembly instructions right now. We anticipate shipping kits out at the end of the month. Visit our General Store for more info and to place your order today!