Online ordering open until July 19th

If you've kept up with our Instagram and Facebook postings, you know that the last two months have been unbelievably busy here at Texas Heritage. My business and family have been in the process of completely relocating to a new location that is two hours away. This new location is an upgrade for us in every way, we are really excited about the potential it brings! However, with a complete shop and family transfer, there will be a bit of downtime as we get settled and organized. At this time, we do have a bit of a backlog of orders, so to keep our turnaround times at a reasonable level we have decided to suspend web ordering for a short period as we catch up. Our online store will be open for ordering through Sunday, July 19th. So if you have been thinking about placing an order with us, please try to do so within the next two weeks! We don't have an exact date for when the web store will reopen, we will have to play that by ear.  Thanks so much for your support and understanding! And as always, if anyone has any questions whatsoever, please send me an email at Thanks!!