Check out my latest article for Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine!!

We've been doing a lot of leatherwork here at Texas Heritage. So much that the folks across the pond have taken notice! The latest issue of Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine contains my second published article, with one of my photos on the cover!

 I was contacted in the fall by Derek Jones, editor of Furniture & Cabinetmaking concerning an article on basic leatherworking for woodworkers. He was looking for a fresh approach that covered constructing simple protection for tools, a topic that woodworkers and hobbyists alike should delve into. Tools are an investment, they need to be treated as one. With just a few short hours in the shop, anyone can construct simple leather covers that both look good and protect well. Encouraged by Derek's idea, I sat down to design and construct a simple chisel cover, documenting the procedure for the article. The steps used in producing this chisel cover can be applied to other tools as well. You can check out the article below, or better yet, go subscribe to Furniture & Cabinetmaking. The have both digital and print options. Derek and staff have done a superior job in scouring social media for new, inspiring woodworkers and makers that have so far gone unnoticed. I love that he's using social media to improve and diversify print media! It's an innovative approach that is paying huge dividends. Great content in that mag.