New pricing structure for our Classic Aprons

It's been almost a year since Texas Heritage Woodworks crafted our first apron. A lot of things have changed in this time! Minor tweaks to the apron dimensions, new options added, different colors and better materials used, major investments in tools and equipment, and a website! Not to mention meeting so many great people while becoming a part of such a supportive and creative community! All of these changes have led to better products and reduced waiting time. The one thing that has remained constant through all of this is the cost of our aprons. Unfortunately, due to the significant investments in equipment, materials, and technology, we can no longer stay at the same price point. On October 1st, the price of our Classic apron will start at $150. The price of a Waxed Classic apron will start at $160. Other options, such as flaps over pockets and embroidery will still cost the same. This price increase is necessary in order for us to maintain the high standards that we set for our work, while still maintaining an acceptable turnaround time. We understand that this places our aprons near the top of the price scale, but we firmly believe that they are the best aprons for woodworkers, hands down.

Since this is still a part-time venture for us, efficiency is key. Making aprons in batches of a dozen or more really helps speed up the process while keeping quality control at a high level. To make these numbers possible, we will be implementing a pre-order list for our waxed and non-waxed classic aprons, similar to our list for the Moxon kits and Nail Aprons. Once 12-15 people have signed up on the list, we will send out emails confirming the order, followed by invoices. Making the aprons in small batches like this will help us maintain a respectable turnaround time. Until we can take this business full-time, this is the best way to maximize shop time and maintain the level of quality that Texas Heritage Woodworks has become known for.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at