Reworking the website after WIA 2014

As y'all have probably seen through blogs and photos recently, WIA 2014 just came to a close after a jam packed weekend. This was our first show to attend, and we are already looking forward to many more! 

We nearly exhausted our inventory of aprons, tool rolls, and vise kits at the show. That's a good thing! On the flip side, we now need to spend some time building it back up. Our website also needs some tweaks to handle new products and a more streamlined user interface that we have planned. Because of this, the General Store will be down this week as we work feverishly to bring it up to date. Because of the great response from WIA, we hope to have it up and running at full capacity by this coming weekend. Any and all updates will be first mentioned on this blog, so stay tuned for updates. 

We are looking forward to the exciting times ahead. We will be at Handworks 2015 and at other shows through the state of Texas. I look forward to meeting lots of new friends and saying hello again to friends we've just made.