Handtool Thursday!!!

I love the Instagram community. It is a tremendous resource, providing a wealth of knowledge from a large, diverse community that is very supportive. This morning, I had the bright idea of starting a new hashtag, #handtoolthursday

The idea is that once a week, Instagram users will post up a pic of a hand tool. Whether it's new, used, handmade, or in the middle of an in depth restoration. Any info on the tool pictured is welcome, too. Any background history or special provenance are great. I started off #handtoolthursday with a picture of a Buck Coachmaker's Router plane that my mother in law picked up in an antique store in Mason, TX.  Pretty much the most unlikely place to find a specialized European plane! It's in immaculate condition, appears to have never been sharpened. The blade is 1/2" wide. I'll post my pics here on the blog every Thursday along with any other tools that catch my eye from other users. So check back each week for something new!