New and Improved Nail Aprons!

After a little wearing around the shop, I decided to make a slight change to the Nail Apron. The hammer loop just wasn't as versatile as it could be. I knew I could make it better, so I set out and did just that. The hammer loop has been relocated and redesigned.

Made to accommodate larger hammers, it expands the versatility of these aprons. Now they can be equally appreciated by cabinetmakers, upholsterers, weekend handymen, or gardener. Moving the hammer loop to the side also opens up another pocket on the right, perfect for a utility knife or folding wooden rule. 

The Nail Apron is now better than ever, and still at the same price of $85. As soon as we get back from WIA, we will start making the next batch of Nail Aprons in Olive Drab, Field Tan, and Charcoal Grey. Sign up below to get on the preorder list. A sign up form will also be available on our home page. Those on the list will get first crack at the Nail Aprons. Once we are ready to start production, invoices will be emailed to those on the list. Come get one at Woodworking In America or sign up to reserve yours now!

All photographs by Todd Nebel