Hand Tool Thursday 08/14/14

#handtoolthursday has really taken off in only it's second week! We had over 120 individual pictures posted on Instagram, twice what were posted last week. Even Popular Woodworking Editor, Megan Fitzpatrick and fellow cohort, Christopher Schwarz shared their offerings with this fledgling hashtag. To see some amazing tools and read the touching stories behind them, join Instagram and search for #handtoolthursday. 

Just like last week, my choice for #handtoolthursday came from an antique store in Mason, Texas. It's an Ohio Tool Co skewed rabbet plane with a massive 1 3/4" blade.  



It's missing it's nickers, but those can be easily replaced. The conical escapement on this plane is a sight to see. A golf ball can comfortably be nestled inside. 


 Hopefully the momentum with #handtoolthursday continues to climb. I'm looking forward to next week!