Shop Apron review by The Renaissance Woodworker

"I couldn’t be happier with my new apron and want to say thank you to Jason and Texas Heritage Woodworks for their great work."

-Shannon Rogers, the Renaissance Woodworker and Hand Tool School founder



Recently I was approached by The Renaissance Woodworker, Shannon Rogers to build a custom shop apron for him. I've followed Shannon's blog for a few years now, I know what he expects in terms of fit and finish. The man has high standards. Those standards are reflected in the quality of his work. I was thrilled to work with him to design an apron that fit his specific needs. He's had the apron for a while now and recently posted a thorough  review on his blog. You can check it out here:

It's one thing to look at pictures of my aprons. While you can see the attention to detail and the overall potential of the shop apron in a photo, it's quite another to see it in use. Follow Shannon's blog, he regularly posts wonderful videos on a wide variety of handtool subjects. See the shop apron as it's used by an experienced woodworker. You'll be exposed to a wealth of traditional woodworking knowledge in the process. And that's a good thing!