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benchoff building leather coasters, set of four

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benchoff building leather mug w/16oz mason jar

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Benchoff Building circa 1907

The Benchoff Building Product line was conceived from one line of thought…….what if businesses back in the day approached advertising and branding like businesses today do? It’s not uncommon today to see a company logo on hats, pens, key fobs, decals, notepads and much much more. If a similar mindset had taken hold in 1900, what type of branded products would have been offered? That is what the Benchoff Building product line is all about. Everyday, useful items, that proudly display the Benchoff Building name. As many of you know, we are currently working to restore the Benchoff Building in Menard so that we can house our entire operation there. 100% of the proceeds from all Benchoff Building product sales will go towards the restoration and maintenance of this historic property, both now and in the future. Thank you so much, your support is greatly appreciated! If you’d like to further support our restoration efforts, you can read about our current crowdfunding campaign here.

There are two items that the Benchoff Building product line will focus on at first, leather coffee mugs and leather coasters. The Benchoff Building has been heavily involved with leatherwork since its inception in 1900, so it made sense that the first products we offered were leather as well. Our leather coffee mugs and leather coaster sets are made from 10oz vegetable tanned leather and are intended to last a lifetime. Each item receives a hand rubbed coat of oil to help nourish the leather while still allowing it to age and patina gracefully with use. The mugs hold a 16oz. Mason jar (included) which can be easily removed for cleaning. Each mug is stitched by hand using waxed thread and has the durable Latigo handle secured with hand peened copper rivets. This is the most durable and long lasting leather mug available on the market today, I guarantee it.

Our leather coasters are made using the same 10oz vegetable tanned leather as the mugs and are cut, embossed, and oiled by hand one at a time in our small Texas shop. The coasters are 4” in diameter and will hold the largest of your beverage containers with ease, protecting your surfaces from those inevitable drips and spills that happen. The leather coasters come in sets of four and are stored in a reusable cardboard container.

We also have a package deal of four mugs and four coasters available at a discounted price. This is the perfect option for outfitting your kitchen, your RV, or a hunting cabin!


Each set of coasters has been packed with care and laughter by our in-house shipping department. One of the joys of working from home and homeschooling our three boys is having opportunities for both worlds to collide in situations like this. Makes my heart swell with pride!

If you’d like to help keep this beautiful piece of Texas history alive, as well as support this hardworking family business, consider purchasing a leather mug or set of coasters. Not only will these look amazing in your house, they make great gifts for others as well! Thank y’all for the support!