leather drawknife sheaths

Our leather drawknife sheaths are constructed using 10oz. English Bridle leather, wet formed and hand stitched using the traditional saddle stitch technique. Secured with a solid brass snap, these sheaths offer the absolute best protection available. At this time, our sheaths are available in 8", 9", 10", 11", and 12" sizes. Our sheaths are available in two versions, Standard and Wingtip. The Wingtip version features a handstitched Wingtip accent over the snap, adding a classic aesthetic to the sheath.

This drawknife blade measures 8".

 To figure out which size is needed, measure your drawknife blade(see photo). Round up to the nearest inch to determine what size should be ordered. Our sheath design will fit all straight blades and also allows for slightly curved blades as well.

1/4" gap on this blade means that our stock sheath will fit

To determine if your curved drawknife will fit, lay a straightedge along the back of the blade. Measure the distance at the deepest part of the curve, any knife with 1/4" or less will fit in our stock sheath. If you have any questions regarding the fit of our sheath on your drawknife, please email me at jason@txheritage.net before ordering.