Campaign Stool leather package

Campaign Stool Leather Package
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Our Campaign Stool Leather packages utilize Wickett & Craig English Bridle leather with solid brass hardware. The leather seat features hand stitched leather pockets that are reinforced at each stress point with a copper rivet. A 48" leather strap, complete with brass buckle is included for use as a carrying strap. Each of the three leather pockets are secured to the stool with solid brass screws and cup washers, included with the kit. Our stool package are based off of the design in "Campaign Furniture" by Christopher Schwarz, available through Lost Art Press. All that is needed from you to complete the stool are the legs and the tri-bolt hardware. The tri-bolt hardware can be made easily enough, a nice writeup on the process is available over at Lost Art Press here. If you'd prefer a ready made component instead, I can highly recommend the Stainless Steel and Brass hardware from Lee Valley Tools. It is of exceptional quality and value and is featured in the pictures on this page.

These Campaign Stool Leather Packages are quite labor intensive, and as such have a turn around time of 2-3 weeks, if they show to be in stock. 

Shannon Rogers, of the Renaissance Woodworker and Hand Tool School recently completed a few stools using our leather package. He went a strict hand tool route, going as far as to use a spring pole lathe and froe for a majority of the work. He put up a great video of the process on his Youtube channel, which I highly recommend subscribing to. He was generous enough to let me share the video on my site. It will give you an excellent idea on what to expect on your Campaign Stool build!