Small Business Saturday Sale!! Free shipping on all orders over $50.

Hey folks!! To show our appreciation for a stellar year, we would like to offer a free shipping promotion for Small Business Saturday. All orders over $50 will ship for free, including International orders! The sale runs for 24 hours, starting at midnight tonight and ending at the end of the day Saturday. No coupon code is needed, the discount will be applied automatically at checkout. Thanks so much for the continued support!!!

Christmas ordering deadline set! Plus, Drawknife covers and Wide Bib Classic Aprons are now available!

Happy October everyone! Even though it is still hot outside down here in Texas, we have got to start thinking about the holidays coming up. If you are planning to purchase any of our items and have them delivered in time for Christmas, you must place your order by the end of the day on October 31st! Any orders placed after that time may not be finished in time for guaranteed Christmas delivery. Like always, we will do all we can to get out as many orders as possible, but due to our small batch production system, we have to set realistic timelines. The guaranteed Christmas delivery only applies to US orders!

Also, we finally have our long awaited drawknife covers available on the website. These are made with 10oz. English Bridle leather and are secured with a solid brass snap. There is no safer way to store or transport your trusty drawknife, I guarantee it! Our covers come in eight different sizes from 6” all the way up to 13” and come in four different colors. These are wet formed one at a time and are Saddle Stitched by hand. You can learn more about choosing the correct size and place an order here.

And finally, after receiving valuable feedback on our Classic Aprons over the years, we have decided to add a Wide Bib option to the mix, at no additional cost! Some people have broader shoulders, wider chests, or fuller figures than others. Our wide bib option increases the width at the top of the apron, resulting in greater coverage across the chest.

Small Block Plane Holsters now available! Saddle Bags and Large Block Plane Holsters back in stock!

Folks, our Small Block Plane Holsters are now available on the website. Designed to fit the smaller block planes like the Stanley 102 and the Veritas Apron Plane, these holsters are built with 10oz. English Bridle Leather that has been wet moulded for exceptional fit and finish. The holster is held together with durable Saddle Stitching and is mounted to a vertical surface using two brass screws(included).

Also, a fresh round of Saddle Bags and large Block Plane Holsters were just completed and uploaded to the website. They tend to go quickly, so go get yours now! 

New items available!!! SaddleBags back in stock!!!

We have been working tirelessly to bring new items to our lineup! I'm very excited about these items, and you should be too! 

First off, our Youth Apron.


Our Youth Apron was designed using the same successful blueprint as our Nail Aprons, but scaled down slightly to accommodate our eager shop companions. The apron is constructed of 14.7oz waxed canvas with a 1" wide hemp belt that is secured with two solid brass D-rings. The belt can fit waist sizes from 20" up to around 32". The double D-ring setup provides almost infinite adjustability, allowing the apron to grow with your child. The hammer loop is designed to hold most common hammer sizes and is constructed using thick, durable leather. The large pocket measures 7" wide and 5" deep. The smaller pocket is 4.5" wide and 5" deep. There are three slim pockets in front of the smaller pocket designed to hold most pencils, rulers, markers, screwdrivers, etc. These pockets are made from leather and measure a little over 1" wide and 3" deep. These youth aprons are made to order and are not carried in stock at all times. Embroidery options are available.


We are also introducing a Plough Plane Iron Tool Roll. 

Our Plough Plane Iron Roll was specifically designed to hold the eight irons for a traditional wooden plough plane. Each of the eight pockets measures 1.5" wide and 5" deep. The roll can accommodate irons up to 9.5" in total length. Flaps on the end and on top keep each iron securely in place at all times. Each tool roll is made of 14.7oz waxed canvas and is held together with durable double stitched seams and copper rivets at each stress point. A leather strap keeps the roll closed when not in use. These rolls are made to order and are not always in stock. Embroidery is available as an option.

Last, but certainly not least, our Large Block Plane Holster.

Our large leather block plane holster was made to fit most commonly available large block planes, both new and antiques. It has overall dimensions of 8.5" tall, 3.25" wide, and 1.5" deep, allowing it to fit just about anywhere. Designed to be mounted on a vertical surface such as a shop wall, inside a tool chest, or on the side of a workbench, it has three holes for secure mounting with brass screws (included). The holster is made of 10oz. English Bridle leather that has been wet moulded for an exceptional fit. This holster was designed around the popular Stanley 65 and 60-1/2 block planes, but will fit most planes that are of similar dimensions, generally 2" wide or less. Note, It will NOT fit rabbeting block planes! The bottom of the plane holster is left open to allow for wood shavings, dust, and debris to pass through. That kind of detritus can absorb ambient moisture, increasing the chances of corrosion and rust if allowed to contact your block plane. By allowing that to pass through, the chance of corrosion and rust drops significantly. The hole in the bottom also makes maintenance much easier. You can pass an oil soaked rag right through the holster, applying oil to all contact areas with ease. Oiled leather is better at repelling ambient moisture. Less moisture equals less corrosion! We recommend lightly oiling the leather once every few months, more in extreme conditions. Standard leather oils such as Neatsfoot Oil work just fine. It is not efficient to make these one at a time, instead they are made in small batches. As each batch is completed, we will update the inventory on the website. These holsters are available in several different colors. These won't be available for preorder, but we will announce any inventory updates on our blog. We are currently working on a smaller block plane holster for apron planes and the ever popular Stanley 102. Hopefully those will be available in the next few months.


And did we mention Saddle Bags are back in stock?? We've got a limited number in our inventory right now, with more in progress and on the way! Thanks so much for making these one of our most popular products of the last year!

Saddle Bags are SOLD OUT!

Just a quick note to let y'all know that our Saddle Bags are currently SOLD OUT. Thanks for all of the enthusiastic support! We will begin production on the next round of Saddle Bags soon, but it will likely be several weeks or more before they are completed and ready for sale. As always, stay tuned to this blog or our Social Media accounts for updates on Saddle Bags and all other products. Thanks!


SaddleBag sale to finish out 2017!

PWW Feb2018 cover.jpg

The February 2018 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine is out on the news stands and in the hands of subscribers. Inside, there is a great review of our Saddle Bag by managing editor and College of the Redwoods graduate, Brendan Gaffney. The Saddle Bag has been one of our most popular items in 2017 and has been very well received by all since it debuted at Handworks in May. To celebrate its appearance in Popular Woodworking Magazine, and to show my sincere appreciation for all of the support this year, our remaining stock of Saddle Bags will be $10 off for the rest of 2017. We've got around two dozen Saddle Bags in stock and ready to ship. To take advantage of our sale, just enter the code SADDLEBAG2017 at checkout. The sale ends at the stroke of midnight, as the last seconds of 2017 tick away. Thanks again for supporting our small, family run business this year! We are looking forward to what 2018 will bring. Happy New Year everyone!

PWW Feb2018 Review.JPG

If you're ordering a Christmas gift, please read this!!!


Hey folks. We've had a lot of orders come in lately where people have requested that their order gets mailed out in time for Christmas. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate those requests. The deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery was October 31st. We are almost a month passed that at this point. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to complete all of these additional orders in time. It's physically impossible, so please, stop asking.

 Now, we do have a few items in stock that could be ordered and delivered in time for Christmas. Things like our Saddle Bags, Moxon Vise Hardware, Shirts, and Ranch Hand Mugs are in stock and ready to ship. Items like our Tool Rolls and Aprons are made to order and will not be ready in time for Christmas. At this point, any orders placed today won't get started until late January or so. Like I've mentioned before, the holiday season is hands down our busiest time of year. We've got quite a backlog at this point and are working feverishly to get them out the door in a timely fashion.  So, it's time for me to stop typing and get back to work. These tool rolls and aprons aren't going to sew themselves.

Small Business Saturday Sale!!

Free Shipping on ALL orders over $50! 


Hey folks, it's that time of year again! After giving thanks yesterday with family and friends, it's time to give thanks to our customers! Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday and we are celebrating by offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders over $50! Even International customers can take advantage of this promotion. Starting at Midnight tonight, all the way till Midnight Saturday evening, use the code SMALLBIZ2017 at checkout for free shipping. To sweeten this deal even further, we have a limited number of items that are made and ready to ship. Just look in our "In Stock" section on the website to see what's available. We will have a variety of tool rolls in all configurations, some waxed Classic Aprons, a whole bunch of our popular Saddle Bags, as well as Moxon Vise and Saw Vise Hardware kits! Once our in stock items sell out, they are out. You can still place an order for all other products and take advantage of the free shipping. However, any orders for items that aren't in stock will not be made in time for Christmas! Remember folks, when you buy from a small business, you are directly supporting families. Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful support over the last four years!

Saddle Bags in stock at the end of this week!!

We've been working hard on this latest batch of Saddle Bags, four dozen in total. They are nearing the final stages of production and should be ready to post on the website at the end of this week. We would like to thank everyone for the stellar response to our Saddle Bags. We always knew they were handy in the shop, it's nice to see that everyone else enjoys their benefits as well! 

Lost Art Press just wrote a great review of our Saddle Bags, you can read about them here!

You can also learn more about our Saddle Bags by visiting our website.

Once these are listed and available for sale, I will make an announcement here on the blog and on social media. Thanks so much for the continued support!

Moxon Vise and Saw Vise Hardware kits are officially sold out!

Folks, we are sold out of both our Moxon and Saw Vise hardware kits. Don't worry, we will be making more!


We will be partnering once again with HammerFab for the fabrication of the hardware kits. Levi has turned out some exceptional work for us in the past and will continue to do so on the next round of kits. This next round will feature some improvements in the manufacturing process. Previously, all of our components were cut manually, one at a time. While this worked out initially, it was labor intensive and there were the smallest variations from piece to piece. Nothing that affected the function or aesthetics of the hardware, but small variations nonetheless. We will now be utilizing laser cutting technology on some of our hardware components. This will be more efficient in terms of production, while providing pieces that are the exact same, time after time. That type of consistency and repeatability will be great. 

We are just getting the ball rolling on this next batch of kits, so it will still be a while before these will be available. Once we have a more accurate time frame for their release, I'll be sure to post about it.

We are proud to introduce our next product, the Texas Heritage Saddlebag

The Saddle Bag is a convenient way to keep all of those essential items that don't really fit anywhere else close at hand. Designed with pencils, rules, dividers and such in mind, the Saddle Bag can be mounted to nearly any vertical wooden surface. It mounts using four brass screws(included) through leather reinforced hanging points. 

One of the unique features on the Saddle Bag are the two pass through pockets on each end. Designed with combination squares in mind, the pass through pockets allow longer items to be stored in the Saddle Bag without any issues.  

The Saddle Bag will be available in all four colors of waxed canvas that we offer. Like all of our items, the Saddle Bag is constructed using our proven combination of waxed canvas, double stitched seams, and hand peened copper rivets. The price of the Saddle Bag will be $70. 


We are going to approach Saddle Bag sales a little differently to start off. I'm still working on streamlining the production process to make it as efficient as possible. The best way for me to accomplish this is by making larger batches, instead of taking orders for them and making them as required. So, as soon as we get back home from Handworks I plan on making a large run of these, maybe two dozen or so. Those will then be listed on the website for sale. Once that batch sells out, I'll make another. Stay tuned to this blog or my social media posts for further info regarding availability. Come see us at Handworks this Friday and Saturday in Amana, Iowa to see the Saddle Bag in person! We have a dozen in stock, maybe you can bring one home with you!!

Well that escalated quickly

Yesterday was a big day for us. We opened up orders again for the first time in almost three months. After slogging our way through a healthy list of backorders these last few months, we were excited to see some new orders come through. So excited that we offered Free shipping on orders over $50. Apparently we weren't the only ones excited about taking orders again. After the dust had settled, we ended up with almost 100 orders placed yesterday. I thought I was being pretty optimistic in my estimates prior to opening orders. I was hoping to get 20-30 orders that first day. Enough to keep me good and busy but not enough to swamp us. Well, we are swamped. I'm still going to attack these orders with a full head of steam, working my way through the list as fast as possible. The only events we have planned for the next several months are Handworks in May and the "One Old Sorehead and One Nice Guy" sale at Dowd's Tools in Dallas in June. I should be able to spend quite a bit of time in the shop and less time on the road. Our garden has had most of the major work done to it as well, basically all that's left is to watch the fruits of our labor grow. I'll be able to focus most of my efforts in the shop, sewing away. 

So, this brings us to turnaround times. I had mentioned in a blog post a few days back that our turnaround will be more fluid from now on. Surges in orders can and will affect the turnaround. Well, yesterday definitely classifies as a surge. Biggest surge yet, in fact. I'll be making all of the necessary changes on the website regarding turnaround times today. Any orders placed from this point on will have a ballpark turnaround of 8 weeks. Could be a little more, could be less. But two months is our new number. We will be sitting down over the next day or two to determine our production schedule based on the new orders from yesterday. Some of the orders that came in at the end of the day will have their turnaround times stretched to 8 weeks instead of the 4-6 weeks that was stated on their invoice. If your turnaround time will be different, we will send you an email letting you know. We appreciate everyone's support and understanding in this. We don't like having to extend turnaround times like this, but we also want to be up front and honest with our customers. 

Alright, enough typing. It's time to start cutting fabric..... 

Coupon code technical issues

We experienced some issues with our free shipping coupon code last night. It wasn't working for people and we have no clue why. The technical support from Squarespace has been less than stellar at this point as well. I've tried to reset the code, so when you place an order,  use Spring2017 at checkout. That's Spring2017 with no spaces! If the shipping charges aren't removed from your order, please notify us and we will refund those charges. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

The General Store opens tonight at Midnight! FREE shipping for the first 24 hours on orders over $50!

Well I've spent the last two days working on the website while also finishing up this last round of orders. Website work is a pain. There's no other way to describe it. I can see why so many people contract this out to someone else. Maybe one day we will be to that point. Until then, you've got me. At least I'm a better seamstress than a web designer! The website is ready for business. It will officially open this evening at Midnight, CST!

So here's what's new on the website. First off, we can now accept PayPal at checkout. Woo-Hoo! A lot of people use this as their preferred method of payment. We are glad that we can now accommodate!

Second, we added a Product Review section on the webpage. It's got most of the reviews over the last few years for you to read through. If you're into that sort of thing. If you've posted a review of our products and don't see it listed, please let me know and we can get it added to the list. 

We've got a healthy stack of tool rolls that are finished and ready to ship. They will be listed in the In Stock section on the front page of the website. Once those are gone, all tool roll purchases will have to be done the old fashioned way. Order the roll, it comes up in the queue, I make it then mail it out. These In Stock rolls will ship out in 1-2 business days. I don't anticipate them lasting long, so get them quick!

As stated before, all orders placed in the first 24 hours that are over $50 will ship for FREE! Even International orders. At checkout, enter coupon code "SPRING 2017". Once again, thank you so much for the support and encouragement. See y'all at Midnight!!

We are taking orders once again, starting this Friday!!

We're back!!! Well, almost. We are finishing up the last of the orders in our queue at this moment and will be ready to start taking orders again at the end of this week! Our website will officially start accepting orders at 12:00AM CST this coming Friday, March 31st.

There has been a lot of interest in our products while we have had our orders turned off. We've received boatloads of emails, messages, and comments inquiring as to our status. We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. We couldn't do what we do without your support and never-ending encouragement. As a token of our appreciation all orders over $50 placed in the first 24 hours will be shipped for free, even International orders! You guys have been great and we want to return the favor. So from 12:00AM CST, March 31st through 11:59PM CST that evening, ALL ORDERS over $50 ship for free! Just use the coupon code "SPRING 2017" at checkout.


There will be a few minor changes to the website once we open orders again. Most importantly, our turnaround time is going to be a little more fluid. Our standard turnaround was 4-6 weeks. Through December and January we received a large surge of orders, much more than we had anticipated. On top of the normal holiday rush this surge increased our turnaround to 12 weeks in a matter of days. We are adding a little more flexibility this time around. Our turnaround will still be listed at 4-6 weeks, which shouldn't be a problem to keep up with under normal circumstances. However, it will be noted on every order that turnaround could potentially jump to 10-12 weeks if another surge happens. I figure being honest up front is better than trying to explain after the fact. Due to the small batch sizes that we are limited to, it's not difficult to fall behind when a lot of orders come in unexpectedly. Until we can find a larger space and hire some employees, that's just going to be a fact of life for us. There is only so much that the two of us can do. With our business, homeschooling our children, and working on the ranch, we are spread pretty thin. One thing is for certain though, we will continue to do what we do, and do it with passion. 


We will have new shirts available on the website. The shirts are pretty much the same design as before, they just have our updated logo on the rear. Previously they said "Handcrafted Heirloom Furniture & Accessories". Now, they more accurately state "Aprons, Tool Rolls, & Shop Accessories". The new shirts are 100% organic cotton and are Made in the USA by Royal Apparel. They were expertly screenprinted by our good friends Flannel & Floral and are available in two colors, Charcoal Grey and Navy Blue. Sizes S-2X. 




We will have some tools rolls available right away when we open orders back up. They are some of our remaining inventory from the Spring woodworking shows. We have a few of each type of tool roll in various colors. They will be listed in the "In-Stock" section. These will be ready to ship out immediately, once they are gone, they are gone. As always, we make each item as it's ordered. If you've ordered from us before or if you follow us on social media, you are aware of how we do things. If you are not, you can learn a little more about our operation here.



So, in summary....

-Orders open at 12:00AM CST, March 31st. 

-Free Shipping on orders over $50 for the first 24 hours. Use code "SPRING 2017" at checkout.

-Turnaround times still at 4-6 weeks, though can increase at any time due to demand.

-100% Organic Cotton shirts now available! Made and screen-printed in the USA!

-Limited number of tool rolls in stock. Available to ship right away but claim one quick, they won't last long.

-Thank You!